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Welcome to the First Shopping Members Club - the most dynamic Members Club of online shopping. This is our way to reward our customers who enjoy the most shopping experience with us. Every time you login to and make an order you will have a chance of earning First Points.  These First Points can be used to qualify different ranks of members as shown below: 

Normal member can purchase Platinum Membership, Black Gold Membership and Diamond Membership at “Membership Upgrade” straight away by . Then you can enjoy the benefits of Platinum Membership,Black Gold Membership and Diamond Membership. 

When your current Member’s Rank is about to expire, the system will automatically calculate the total annual First Points (from the start to the end of your yearly membership). According to the value of total points, your new Member’s Rank will be determined which could be higher or lower.

All First Points can not be redeemed for cash. First Shopping has the right to make changes and amend to the Terms & Conditions of Membership without notice. Other conditions may apply.